Monday, January 28, 2013

Great Movie-Going Experiences

     I recently fell asleep watching "Django Unchained." I had already seen it once. I was by myself and killing some time before going out for drinks. 
     A black guy sitting behind me kicked my seat and said, "Wake up nigga, you snorin'." 
     "Thanks," I said, and didn't make another peep. 
     This was definitely my greatest movie-going experience since seeing "Star Wars: Episode III" on opening night in Westwood, CA. That time, my friend Muldoon captured multiple beach balls from the excited crowd and ripped them apart before their very eyes. Every single Star Wars geek in the theater booed him. He stood up and waved his arms for more, taunting them. He reveled in their boos. Their disapproval gave him life. 
     "What the matter? Did you mom not hug you enough?" a guy behind us asked.
     Muldoon shot back, "Did your mom hug you too much?"
     At that very moment Muldoon became "Darth Muldoon," fully turning to the dark side of the force.

I cannot wait for my next great movie-going experience.

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