Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Favorite Song by Patrick Hennessey

Most people cannot muster up definitive answers to certain questions, and with good reason. I, personally, cannot choose my favorite movie. I cannot decide upon a single favorite food. I cannot pick a novel which is the best beyond all others. Etc, etc, etc. But, there is one choice in which I am completely certain. This is my favorite song of all time...

I'm proud to say my parents had great taste in music. "Sir Duke" was the first 45 I was given as a child (flip side, "He's Misstra Know It All"). I played it constantly. Written and produced by a genius blind musician, Mr. Stevie Wonder. It has one of the greatest horn sections and arrangements ever conceived in popular music. The guitar line is subtle, yet impeccable. The hook is unforgettable. Overall, this is a song about the simple wonders and joys of music, and that's probably why it remains so magical and important to me after all these years. I will listen to this song with the same reverence and awe when I'm an elderly 80 as I did when I was a 4 year old kid. Long live "Sir Duke"!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Max Black

Check out Max Black, a new chillwave project I ghost wrote and ghost recorded. Long Vacations, Radio Stations, Good Vibrations, and Mexican Sandwiches....